The Ultimate Guide to Training in the Cloud by Kirtus Dixon

The most critical factor that determines how much you benefit from training is the ability to choose the experience that will make the biggest impact on you and your business right now.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

You’re a busy real estate entrepreneur focused on service, impact and achieving success. Yet, everywhere you go, look or listen, people are distracting you, telling you things you should do and trying to sell you things you need to learn from them. It’s hard to cut through the noise and focus on what’s important.

So today, let’s focus on YOU because that’s who’s important. The most critical factor that determines how much you benefit from training is the ability to choose the experience that will make the biggest impact on you and your business right now.

Making intentional choices like:

HOW you’re learning, 
WHO you’re learning from, and 
WHAT you’re learning 

will serve as rocket fuel on your journey to the next level of success. 

True to our eXp Realty core values of innovation, community and collaboration, eXp University is the most innovative and agent-centric, cloud-based real estate university on the planet. It is  where YOU have the power to choose the How, the Who and the What of your learning adventure every single day. 

When you exercise this power, you’re instantly more deeply involved in the learning process. You’re more engaged. Your engagement is a prerequisite for implementation because consistent implementation is what leads to success.

If you’re committed to your success like eXp is and you’re engaged in the learning process open to you in this blog, let’s get you involved in the three choices to make to get the most out of training!

Choice #1 – Training in the Cloud allows you to choose how you engage with the content that you need in any way that fits your lifestyle. This freedom of choice is a powerful ally in your quest for speed, efficiency and impact for your business. Your time is your own and how you invest your time determines your habits and your habits determine your future.

There’s a stark contrast between engaging in 60 minutes of cloud-based training time per week at a time of your choosing versus taking 3 hours, including commute time, to get to a physical training location at a pre-scheduled time because it’s the only available time for that training. Time is not the only choice you control for how you engage with training, though. In the cloud, you can choose the when, the where and even the device that you engage on.  

Because of the freedom of choice, nearly 50% of eXp Realty agents engage in at least one real estate training session per quarter through one of eXp University’s cloud-based platforms:

  1. Live in eXp World – Any eXp Realty agent or guest can download eXp World, visit our training calendar and join live training on their phone or computer. eXp University currently offers up to 80 hours of training classes and workshops per week inside eXp World. eXp Realty Agents can Download eXp World HERE. Guests can request a guest pass HERE.
  2. Video Catalog – eXp Realty agents have access to our comprehensive video catalog that includes hundreds of recordings including many of our live classes. Our catalog can be accessed in the eXp University Workplace group and / or the official website catalog.
  3. Livestream Online – eXp Realty agents have access to training and events that are live streamed in the eXp University Workplace group and on the website.
  4. Learning Portal Courses – eXp agents have access to our online learning portal using their eXp Realty passport credentials. The learning portal is home to X number of training courses and certification programs that will take an agent on a guided journey through a subject or opportunity. Click HERE to view a list of available courses.
  5. Podcast Episodes – Beginning in 2022, eXp agents will have access to our eXp Realty podcast app with a wide variety of audio content. 

Let’s demonstrate an example of choice translating to power. Imagine Manuel, the busy real estate entrepreneur, juggling parenting, health and wellness, relationships, money, time and business success. Traditional training options for Manuel include driving to class, watching talking heads on zoom webinars or paying for some training he hopes will help him sell more real estate this year. Manuel misses most live training opportunities because they don’t work with his schedule of dropping kids off at school, meeting buyers on the weekends and doing afternoon listing appointments. Early mornings and evenings are when Manuel is hungriest for new information and the YouTube training he’s found hasn’t moved the needle for him. Manuel joins eXp, finds the website and Workplace channel training guide full of hundreds of hours of free training from the best real estate entrepreneurs in the world. Within a few days, Manuel has consumed dozens of hours of training content, delivering him actionable strategies for lead generation, working with buyers and sellers and even building a team to create leverage. 

Access the same video catalog as Manuel complete with hundreds of hours of high value real estate training. 

Choice #2 – Training in the Cloud allows you to choose who you learn from. Traditional real estate education is full of trainers that used to run real estate businesses telling you what their brokerage used to tell them to do or what worked for them many years ago. eXp University is full of trainers that are still active top producers or team leaders in their markets, training you on what they do right now to achieve success. 

Three of the most underestimated forces in the universe are alignment, collaboration and community. The eXp Realty business model creates alignment in a way that has never existed in our industry before. Top producing agents in any market typically have little to no incentive to help other agents become top producers. But, the culture at eXp and what our top real estate entrepreneurs know is that the success of EVERY eXp Realty agent elevates the entire family and lifts the industry. This alignment of purpose fuels collaboration and community in unparalleled ways. 

In 2021, 200+ eXp University Agent-Trainers taught 800+ live classes spanning five time zones and multiple continents without any fear of competition from the 20,000+ agents that attended. The eXp University Training community is as diverse as the industry and consumers we serve.

Picture Jessica, the aspiring top producer, who took the scenic route to success in her real estate business. After years of being licensed and bouncing from brokerage to brokerage, Jessica “stumbled” into eXp Realty and teleported into the eXp University ICON Auditorium inside eXp World. Jessica “ported” into a class lead by an ICON agent who was sitting 2,000 miles away who’s team sells 400+ homes per year. That 60-minute training unlocked the potential in Jessica and she took action the next day creating video content, leveraging social media for branding and relationship building, and more. Jessica was now engaged, so she didn’t stop there. She discovered that the eXp University ICON Series consists of hundreds of free classes every year from active, top-producing agents and team leaders. Success was as straightforward as choosing who she wanted to model her business after, attending their trainings and implementing what she learned. Now, Jessica checks the live training calendar weekly, makes sure she doesn’t miss live training events and when she does, she watches the live stream on her eXp University Workplace channel. It’s only a matter of time before Jessica is receiving her own ICON agent award! 

Be like Jessica. Bookmark the eXp University training calendar, check it often, prioritize highly-engaging live training opportunities, and make sure if you can’t attend live in eXp World to catch the livestream or video replays. 

New to bookmarking websites? Check out our Tutorial Tuesday on bookmarking websites.

Point 3 – Training in the Cloud allows you to choose WHAT you’re learning. Learning on purpose instead of by accident is a practice that will unlock unlimited possibilities and is usually the path less traveled in real estate. 

[Show the promise by painting a picture] 

Pop quiz:

Which of these do you agree with?

  1. Training is training. It’s up to me what to do with it.
  2. We shouldn’t recreate the wheel. Selling real estate is 
  3. My experience level and skill set are unique to me and I should focus on training that is relevant to me and is appropriate for my experience level.
  4. In today’s highly connected and ever-changing world, training on the right topic with an expert in that area is what I expect.

If you agreed with the first two statements, you’ve been conditioned to accept conventional training. If you agree with the second two, you’re empowered and ready to get the most out of the unparalleled training opportunities that exist in the cloud, inside the eXp University universe.

[Data Point]

[Example] Let’s end our journey where Avery’s begins. Avery is a new real estate entrepreneur, licensed only a few weeks ago. They join eXp Realty immediately because they believe that the cloud-based model, with a unique community and compensation structure is the place to build their real estate empire. One of the first emails Avery opens contains a link to the eXp University learning portal and they take the Fast Start Series Training Course. Fourteen hours later, Avery has the relevant information for getting started at eXp, launching their real estate business, creating their database and starting to build relationships with buyers and sellers while deepening relationships with their sphere of influence. Along the way, Avery heard about a Workplace group called 10X Your Business with Grant Cardone and after 10 minutes of reading, found the Grant Cardone Sales Training University course inside of the learning portal. Avery has been at eXp Realty for less time than it takes most agents to “order their business cards,”    and they’re already on their way to mastering Grant Cardone’s sales techniques. Like Avery, the power to choose is in your hands.

Learn on purpose. Click HERE today check out the Fast Start Training Series Course or HERE for the Grant Cardone Sales Training University course in our learning portal. 

Here’s a summary of all the links referenced in this post:

Download eXp World

Invite a guest to eXp World

eXp University Workplace group

eXp University Course Catalog

eXp University Website 

Learning Portal

eXp University Events Calendar

Tutorial Tuesday: How to Bookmark the Events Calendar

10X Your Business with Grant Cardone Workplace group

Learning Portal: Grant Cardone Course

Congratulations on staying engaged the whole way through this article! You’re now ready to make the three choices that will help you get the most out of training.

The eXp University Team of staff and agent-trainers welcome you to the journey that will lead your next level of success. We’re honored to be a part of your progress.


If you’re a top producing agent or team leader and the Cloud based university is calling you to serve, click HERE to complete a getting to know you form and one of our University training coordinators will reach out to connect.

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